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Regis College Library
by Fabrini, Placido; Isoleri, Antonio; De' Pazzi, Maria Maddalena, Saint, 1566-1607
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Topic: De' Pazzi, Maria Maddalena, Saint, 1566-1607
Getty Research Institute
by Panfili, Benedetto, 1653-1730; Totis, Giuseppe Domenico de; Tinassi, Nicolangelo, 17th cent
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Attributed to Benedetto Panphili or Giuseppe Domenico Totis. See S. Franchi, Drammaturgia romana, p. 588-89 (from on-line catalog of Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale, consulted 10/9/06)
Topics: De' Pazzi, Maria Maddalena, Saint, 1566-1607, Oratorios
Catholic texts
by Cepari, Virgilio, approximately 1563-1631
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Saints And Servants Of God Series CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. Birth and parentage of the saint 1 II. Of her delight in almsgiving, and in hearing others speak of God 2 III. Of her devotion to the most holy Trinity and the blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist 3 IV. Of her voluntary application to prayer, her love of retirement, and dislike of vain shows 5 V. Of her early temperance, her zeal for the honour of God, and her desire to instruct little children in the principles of the holy faith 7 VI. She is...
Topics: Christian Saints -- Italy -- Biography, De' Pazzi, Maria Maddalena, Saint, 1566-1607, Carmelites --...